Accounting Solutions for Start-Ups & New Businesses

While every start-up is unique in its own way, it is vital that their bookkeeping is done right. Having and building a solid accounting foundation is imperative in order to stay organized, increase efficiency, obtain financing, have control over expenses, and to also identify potential risks and opportunities for your start-up.

Our team at Bookkeeping by Jan & Co offers specialized accounting for start-ups, just like yours. Our solutions will provide your new business the support and opportunity to grow and to focus on what is important. We know a new business owner and team have many things to navigate, so we provide certified QuickBooks pro advisors (both online and desktop). You can access the information your business needs anywhere, giving you and your team peace of mind.

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The Benefits of Our Accounting for Start-Ups Services:

  • With experienced and secure record-keeping, owners enjoy a seamless business transition.
  • More than just bookkeeping, our team can do it all for your start-up business.
  • Get accounting and bookkeeping reports at your fingertips, instant invoices, and collection from clients at the point of sale.


We Do It All, from A to Z

It doesn’t matter whether your new startup is big or small, or how much capital you have, the team from Bookkeeping by Jan & Co will have every aspect of your finances covered. Our specialized accounting services include comprehensive and thorough bookkeeping that monitors all of your transactions. We’re also equipped to provide payroll services, perform accounts receivable and payable solutions, help you prepare for tax season, and more!

Experienced & Professional Help

Understanding and circumnavigating the different regulations, rules, and laws can be difficult and have a huge effect on your business. Improperly charging and filing the wrong information can prove costly.

Understanding the importance of your accounting and financial information and having access to it is paramount when needing to make strategic and critical decisions. With 25 years of experience, Bookkeeping by Jan & Co can ensure commodity tax and income compliancy, and our team can answer any questions you may have about your books and accounting situation.

Let Bookkeeping by Jan & Co Help

To learn more about our start-up accounting services and other bookkeeping and accounting offerings, please contact our team today.

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